Yoga during pregnancy: Key to tension free childbirth


Yoga proves to be of immense help to expectant mothers all the way through pregnancy, childbirth and post-delivery phase. Simple yoga for pregnancy consists of a set of poses which gently impact the reproductive organs and pelvis paving the way for a flexible body, improved gait and relatively painless child birth.

Bountiful supply of oxygen to better vital life force for mother and baby is aimed through simple yoga for pregnancy. The body and mind is made ready for the new situation and changes that await mother during and after pregnancy. Practicing simple yoga for pregnancy can obliterate anxiety, ambivalence and unwanted worries that accompany labor stages. Yoga fortifies abdominal muscles and pelvic area and assist in regaining rapidly the pre-pregnancy shape.

Yogic techniques palliate edema and cramping that usually crop up during the terminal months of pregnancy and eases strain around the birth canal and cervix. Morning sickness, nausea and unexpected mood changes are brought down along with reduction in fatigue, tenderness and breast swelling. Calmness and attentiveness is restored through rise in energy level and slowing down of metabolism.

A welcome effect is the widening of pelvis that makes for painless and quick delivery along with decreasing inflammation and soreness around joints. Uterus and other reproductive organs are easily restored after conceiving and upper back strain, digestive system abnormalities and breast irritation are cured.

The simple yoga exercises are categorized in three parts each to be practiced sequentially for a period of 3 months. yoga for easy pregnancy need to be done under the expert guidance of a trainer or going by a book that guides pictographically by hand.

Some of the yogic asanas that are advised during pregnancy are ardha titali asana, uthanasana etc. If the comfort level of body is affected in any manner, the mother should stop doing that asana and consult a trainer. Finally, it is always judicious to attain complete knowledge and guidance before trying any yogic exercise.

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