You Wont Miss Me


New movie release “You Wont Miss Me” is a very honest and very painful review of the mental breakdown of young Brooklyn. As a matter of fact, the movie picture is so serious that “won’t” is missing its apostrophe in the title. Most of this movie is one freak out after another. Stella Schnabel plays Shelly Brown, a woman just out of college – selfish, abrasive, and edgy. She seems to have created a lot of her own problems. This new movie is not looking as if it’ll be a box office success as anyone who sees how accurate the portrait of a breakdown this is will be uncomfortable watching it.

The plot of this upcoming movie is pretty much freak out after breakdown after freak out. The big highlight of the movie is Shelly’s trip with a friend to Atlantic City to find and seduce a band called The Virgins. When Shelley fails the audience must endure a lengthy and unpleasant confrontation in a hotel room that’s very convincing. It seems like all the people in the film have no jobs, do lots of drugs, stay up all night, freak out whenever they want, and yet seem to have no source of money.

Dramatic scenes by Russo-Young are better than the parts of the movie in between these scenes. Some of it is art school doodling, some  of it is Wong Kar-Wai rips – such as when Shelly rides a motorcycles in slo-mo, arms in the air – and some of it is Schnabel getting booted out of hotels. Focused dramatic scenes are much better.

“You Wont Miss Me” is overly confrontational and happily abrasive. It’s also very indulgent to its heroine. Because the film does not seem to be very self aware, it’s possible that some of its better passages grow from this lack. This is a big look, like “The Break-Up”, at some people who really didn’t deserve such close up attention.

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