YouTube Affiliate Marketing For Beginners

YouTube Affiliate Marketing For Beginners

Affiliate marketing on YouTube is something that a lot of beginners avoid because they are uncomfortable of the idea of making money on YouTube videos. Subscribe for more free YouTube tips:

The truth is, if you’re going to make YouTube an income source you have to monetize it in multiple ways and Dan shows us one way to to that.

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Of course there are other ways to make money besides affiliate marketing, like selling t-shirts, fan funding through YouTube or Patreon, sponsorship, etc. But affiliate marketing is a tried and true way to gain additional income from your YouTube channel.

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Equipment I used to make this video:

Video editing software – Sony Vegas Pro 12 – This is the updated version

Camera – Canon 70D

Lens – Canon 18-135 STM

Mic – Audio Technica 8035

Digital audio recorder to connect mic to camera – Zoom H4n

Wind screen

Soft box lighting

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Channel art, video graphics and editing by Nick at

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Final thoughts about this video:
Affiliate marketing on YouTube can be difficult to wrap your head around if you’re a beginner or even if you’ve been making videos for while because when you first start making videos you don’t think about affiliate marketing. There is a lot to explore on the subject, however, once you learn the basics it is possible to make money as an affiliate on YouTube.

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