10 Things You May Need For Your Winter Holiday


If you’ve booked a holiday to go overseas this Christmas or New Year, then you need to make sure you have everything ready. Here are 10 things you may need.

1. If you’re going overseas, then you are going to need your passport ready, so find out where it is and make several reminders so you don’t face a mad dash back to the house from the airport.

2. You may well need traveller’s cheques or foreign currency, depending on where you’re going, so make sure you work out how much you’re likely to spend and find a good rate.

3. If you’re going for some winter sun, make sure you still take plenty of sun cream. Even though the temperatures will probably be lower than in the peak summer season, it will still be warm enough to burn you with protection.

4. And if it’s a beach holiday, make sure you have your bikinis and/or shorts ready to relax in style while the rest of us are shivering back home.

5. However, as it will be cooler than in July or August, it’s a good idea to take one or two warmer tops for the evenings.

6. Make sure you have any adapter plugs you may need, so you can keep your phone charged and use other electrical items brought from home.

7. If you’re going away in this country or somewhere even colder, then layers will be vital. From thermal undies to sweatshirts, fleeces, scarves and gloves – make sure you have plenty.

8. If you’re going skiing, then you may need to take some of your own equipment, so check what’s being provided when you get there and what you’ll want to get yourself.

9. If you’re going over Christmas, then you may want to ask family and friends to give you their cards (and, if you’re lucky enough, presents) before you go, so you have a few things to open.

10. Likewise, you’ll also need to make sure that you’ve sent all the cards and gifts to your loved ones before you go, so they can open what you’ve bought them on Christmas Day.

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