11 Useful Home Remedies to Treat Lumbago


Lumbago or backache is characterized through a discomfort or pain in the lower back area. The pain can be severe and suddenly when a person suffers from and acute lumbago. The chronic lumbago is characterized through a severe pain that can last a few months. This degenerative disorder can occur at all ages. It also appears during the pregnancy because the ligaments stretch around the uterus and press on lower back.

The disorder also appears when the inter-vertebral or vertebral bone loses its shape and become soft. Other factor that can lead to lumbago are: disc disorders, back strain, slipped disk, the injury of the back muscles, lifting of very heavy objects and some chronic diseases as none cancer, peptic ulcer, arthritis, tuberculosis, abdominal disorders, meningitis and osteoporosis. Lumbago can be efficiently treated through some great natural remedies.

1. Drinking honey or glucose with warm water is a great home remedy for lumbago.

2. Leave 60 gm of wheat in water over night. Next morning add 30 gm of Cuscus grass and 30 gm of coriander. Mix all the ingredients to make a paste. Pour 250 ml of milk over the paste and boil the mixture until it remains two thirds of it. Take this home remedy regularly. It relieves the pain and improves the digestive process in the same time.

3. Oil garlic can be successfully use in curing lumbago. Take 2-3 cloves every morning. You can also do massages using a lotion prepared from garlic oil mixed with mustard oil. All you have to do is to fry 10 garlic cloves in about 60 ml of mustard oil. Massages done with mint oil or turpentine oil have the same great effects.

4. Lemon is also used as a home remedy for lumbago. Mix lemon juice with common salt and take this treatment twice a day.

5. You can also treat your backache with raw potatoes. Apply raw potatoes in poultice form on your back.

6. Tea drinkers can prepare a remedy consisting in five black pepper corns, one gram of dry ginger powder and five cloves. Add these ingredients to the tea and drink it twice a day.

7. A diet rich in Vitamin C can prevent lumbago or backache. Tomatoes, citrus fruits, strawberries and blueberries should be eaten regularly.

8. Mix 3 gm of sugar candy with and equal quantity of cuscus grass and take this mixture along a glass of milk two times a day.

9. Boil 10 basil leaves in a cup of water until it remains only a half quantity of water and add one-fourth teaspoon of salt. Drink the decoction every day.

10. Prepare a poultice from betel leaves and apply it on your back. You can also use betel leaves juice. Mix this juice with coconut oil and apply it on your aching back.

11. Grate several black radishes to obtain a paste and wrap it in a linen cloth. Apply the compress on your back and cover you in a warm gown or cover yourself with a blanket. This procedure will warm your deep tissue slowly and will relieve the pain.

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