5 Tips For Fitness Marketing


A HUGE part of fitness marketing is referrals. Apply these 5 tips to your fitness boot camp or personal training business, and your clients will RAVE about your business, bringing you tons of referrals. They’re basically doing your fitness marketing for you. Let’s face it, you can do all the fitness marketing you want, but if you don’t have a GREAT service, it’s like filling a bucket of water that has holes in the bottom.

1. It’s Show Time

Treat your fitness boot camp like a show! You’re not teaching, you’re giving a friggin performance… Act like the MAIN EVENT

2. Bring the ENERGY!

It’s the difference between a good boot camp and a great one. It’s the difference between your boot camp and the one down the street. Anyone can stand there and count reps.

Pretend you’re on a TV show in front of the nation… And friggin’ BRING IT!

3. Stay Vertical

Demonstrate exercises without getting on the ground… Not everyone can hear or see you and it takes to long… Plus it sucks when people are standing around so STAY VERTICAL.

4. Go A.P.E.


Give each and every client MASSIVE appreciation every workout; stay passionate by constantly learning new kick butt workouts and bring the enthusiasm by linking your boot camp to achieving your life dream.

5. Be the Alpha Male Of The Group (AMOG)

And that means FEMALE instructors too… Yep that’s right…

You’re clients, especially the female ones, naturally follow the AMOG’s. So be the AUTHORITY.

(Tip) Make needless corrections… like telling your clients to move their feet in ½ an inch… Clients will work harder… and get better results… If they’re CONVINCED you’re the AMOG authority!

Apply these tips, and I GUARANTEE your clients will get way more out of the training – they’ll become addicted to it. And they’ll tell ALL OF THEIR FRIENDS about it – they’ll do your fitness marketing for you!

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