8 Cause A Foul Smell In The Female Genitalia

8 Cause A Foul Smell In The Female Genitalia

Women worry a lot about vaginal cleanliness, but still there comes a time when the place down there smells like onion. The natural smell in that place signifies normal heath whereas fishy smell could indicate that there is something wrong with it.

Sometimes, it could be about cleanliness but sometimes, it isn’t about hygiene. It could be various other factors like food, bacteria, secretions etc. Douching or using essential oils to clean the area could also cause the smell.

If pain accompanies foul smell then it could indicate a serious issue which may require the attention of your gynecologist.

1. Food
Sometimes, the smell down there could be due to certain foods you have consumed. Onions could cause foul smell down there. Some odour-producing items are garlic, onion and other spicy curries.

2. Bacterial Vaginosis
If the normal levels of bacteria in private areas get disturbed, it could cause overgrowth. In such a case, a fishy odour and grey discharge could also follow.

3. Sweat
Sweat could be one reason behind the odour. Vaginal fluid combined with sweat could emit a peculiar kind of foul odour. Soon after you get back from the gym, change your clothes and wear something that allows your privates to breathe.

4. Tampons
If you leave a tampon inside for too long, it could cause a fishy smell; but once you remove the tampon, the smell will be gone. But leaving tampons could result in infections.

5. Hormonal Changes
Contraceptives, creams, menstrual cycles or anything that alters pH levels of the privates may cause smell. In some women who reach menopause, a dip in the estrogen levels could be the reason.

6. Lovemaking
In some women, the smell could occur after making love as semen could alter the smell down there.

7. Trichomoniasis
This is a parasite infection and could be transmitted through body contact. Symptoms include smelly discharge, pain during penetration/urination and irritation or itchy sensation.

8. Medications
When you overuse antibiotics, the bacteria down there may get disturbed and this could cause odour. Also, some medications could dry out the place and alter the smell.

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