A Deserts Walk To Remember


When thinking of a vacation in Abu Dhabi, tourists should not miss an opportunity to explore the desert landscape that surrounds this emirate. A popular tourist activity is to take a desert walk or join a tour group that would guide one through this fascinating landscape.

To begin one’s desert walk why not start at the largest Arabian oases located at the Empty Quarter – the Liwa Desert. The desert is famous for the Bani Yas tribe who has a long line of descendents who have made their homes among these surroundings.

The tribe is considered as the descendents of the Bedouin forefathers of the present generation of rulers of Abu Dhabi. With palm fringed roads and freshwater pools to enjoy, the Liwa Desert offers excursions, which are close by to the city.

The Liwa Desert is a popular tourist destination mainly due to its location, towards the south of Abu Dhabi the dessert forms a border with Saudi Arabia. Locals describe the desert much like a sentinel guarding the entrance from the Southward end of the emirate. Almost as if it were made to guard the Empty Quarter’s edge. This is also, where the largest sand desert in the world is to be found, it is known as the Rub Al Khali. 

If you are on your way to the desert to indulge in a desert walk, it is hard not to notice the small quaint little towns and villages that have sprung up. Tourists will also notice that there are even a few farms that have emerged against the backdrop of the sand dunes.

On arriving at the desert or while travelling there, a unique aspect of this mysterious landscape is the changing colours of the desert sand. This will become more apparent when one sets foot on the sand. The most beautiful is towards the end of the evening when the sands begin changing from golden to red against a backdrop of a setting sun.

To be able to truly appreciate the culture of the desert, tourists should consider spending a few days at an Abu Dhabi resort. One such as the Qasr Al Sarab Desert Resort by Anantara, situated in the Liwa Desert will definitely be an experience that will not be forgotten. Decked out in very traditional and local motifs the atmosphere created here, will take tourists back to the days of camping out in the desert, and unlike other Abu Dhabi resort hotels, the views are absolutely breathtaking.

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