Americas Got Talent Winner Season 5 Winner


Prior to the evening of the fifth America’s Got Talent season finale, no one would have given Michael Girmm a chance of winning compared to the favorites, Prince P and Jackie? True enough, every show has its own twist of fate; you can’t expect anything more unpredictable than the result of a talent show. After giving his best foot forward a night before the finale, Michael Grimm was announced as the next America’s Got Talent victor. Michael’s music can now be listened to on internet radio.

Raised by his grandparents in Mississippi, Michael has been inclined to music as early as 5 years old. Given full support by his grandmother, he began performing at local bars and restaurants. Not only was he an excellent singer but additionally, he was a very good guitarist and song writer. His music slowly made a transition to southern soul. Being extremely ambitious, he traveled from Mississippi to Las Vegas where he hoped to get his opportunity at stardom.

You would not believe it but Michael didn’t get his chance when he first auditioned on season 4. On season five, his first televised audition was very popular. After 3 months of showing what he got, Michael got the title awarded to home by American viewers who at first were so fascinated by his toughest competitors Prince P and Jackie Evancho. Now that the show is over, what’s Michael’s next move?

Or course, since becoming the America’s Got Talent grand winner, you won’t see Michael performing at small clubs and casinos like he did in the past. To find Michael, you won’t have to go far, just turn on your radio or television. He has made an appearance on various television and radio shows. Currently, he is touring the United States with the America’s Got Talent show. In addition, you can listen to his music on record bars which have dominated the chart for several weeks. Naturally, you can expect him to produce more and more albums in the coming months. You will be able to locate more of his music via online radio.

Currently, he is occupied with guest appearances, concerts, and recording sessions. One of his most current appearances was at the inaugural Museum of Tolerance International Film Festival Gala that was conducted to honor Clint Eastwood. Also on the show was American Idol winner Taylor Hicks. He has also was a guest on The Ellen DeGeneres Show where he proposed to his long time girlfriend Lucy Zolcerova.

Michael has also had a live performance in Mississippi with Martina Macbride. Tickets sales were extremely brisk there. Together with Epic Records, he plans to launch his new album next year. His schedule will most likely be quite full until the end of the year.

As he described himself as “just a boy from Mississippi,” this humble yet full of talent lad is committed to share a portion of his winnings to his grandparents who lost their house during Hurricane Katrina. Let us look forward to seeing more of his success in real life. An additional talent has be revealed and will mark the history of America’s show business

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