Amy Dixon: Total Workout in Ten! (Women’s Health)

Amy Dixon: Total Workout in Ten! (Women’s Health)

Amy Dixon: Total Workout in Ten! (Women’s Health)

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Swamped at home, and craving exercise but you can’t spare a minute for the treadmill, much less get motivated to set an incline? Our solution? Total Workout in Ten, developed by the editors of Women’s Health Magazine. Broken into four 10-minute sessions, this intense workout allows you to customize your burn based on your time, energy level, and target zones. Exercise for one 10-minute block or combine the routines to build a full-body workout.

This video is fabulous. I’ve done it 3 times per week for 4 weeks and I already feel more toned and more energetic. You don’t need any special equipment, just roughly 50-60 square feet of carpeted space and two 3 pound weights. In just over 40 minutes, you get a wonderful, comprehensive workout. Amy Dixon is very likeable. She is encouraging and enthusiastic without being overly bubbly and sweet. The five women who join her on the video are fit, but clearly women who have real lives apart from working out and worrying about their abs.
The workout has four segments that you can do separately, or you can do all four in a row for a comprehensive workout.
– The first segment is a fast paced cardio workout.
– The second focuses on lower body.
– The third focuses on upper body.
– And the fourth is a combination of yoga and ballet moves that improve balance and flexibility and provide a cool down.
Many of the exercises throughout the workout also do a great job on abs and waist. I love doing all four segments in a row. Everything is set to a simple dance beat, so it’s easy to keep with the pace. Many of the moves are downright fun. A few were a bit challenging the first time, but they are easy to learn after a few times through. One of the women on the video does modified versions of some of the moves that require a bit extra strength, balance or flexibility. I am in my mid-40s, a mom, and a full time professional. So I can’t commit to long workouts at pre-set times. I was thrilled to find an at-home workout that gets my heart rate up for 40 minutes, works on all the muscles in my body and is (amazingly!) so fun that I look forward to it.

NOTE 5 MONTHS LATER: After a few weeks, I only had time to workout on Saturday and Sunday mornings. But that was enough. I lost 9 pounds without eating differently, though I look as though I lost more because I replaced fat with muscle. I dropped a full dress size. And I wore bikinis this summer, for the first time in 14 years!

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