Anorexia: Cause And Symptoms

.tags How do you know when you fall prey to one of the many eating disorders out there? If you have an eating disorder is which you refuse to maintain an unhealthy and obsessive fear of gaining weight and thereby fail to maintain a proper diet, then you are probably suffering from Anorexia Nervosa. This is mainly caused by the subject having an inferiority complex about his/her looks/disposition, coupled with other biases that largely affect body weight and eating habits. Strangely, people with this disorder still feel hungry but resist from eating too much food. The average intake of calories can range anywhere between 800 to a measly 600, although even more severe cases of self induced starvation are also known.

Anorexia like many other eating disorders (almost like bulimia) does not discriminate between man and womanregardless of age, race and country or social/economic/cultural background. It is known to affect women more than men. For every man with anorexia there are 10 affected women!

An individual affected with anorexia displays a number of symptoms. The type and the degree of severity differ from person to personsome symptoms are more prominent than others. Some of the symptoms given below also occur in Bulimia Nervosa, which accompanies anorexia in most cases. The symptoms are:

* Excessive and pronounced loss in body weight
* Scarring seen in knuckles. Caused due to the abrasion caused when placing hand in mouth to force vomiting.
* Growth of soft and fine hair on face and parts of the body
* Obsession observed with calories and fat
* High interest in food ingredients, cooking and recipes. Might cook elaborate dishes for others but not eat themselves.
* Continue to diet even when becoming excessively thin and underweight
* Phobia of gaining weight

Studies and research on anorexia patients have shown that the initial stages exhibit an excessive weight loss routinethis is a deciding factor in triggering anorexia. Surgery, medicinal side effects and infection can cause anorexia. Women feel pressurized by the media which continuously hype the perfect figure. People, especially women, are driven consciously or unconsciously towards the attainment of that figure leading to this eating disorder. They stop eating and go on an extensive self starvation routine and also develop a phobia of calorie rich food. If you or any of your near and dear ones are suffering from this disorder then get yourself to any reputed treatment centers for Anorexia. Results may be dangerous if the problem be left unchecked.

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