Arctic Glacier Ice Maze set world record


The ice maze built for the 2010 Buffalo Powder Keg Winter Festival set the world record for the largest ice maze with measurement of 12,855.68 square feet.


The maze which was organized by Roaming Buffaloes features more than 21000 blocks of ice and each weighs 300 pounds. The maze is decorated with red and blue lights and its centre is shaped like a buffalo. The ice necessary for the construction of the maze was supplied freely by Artic Glaciers Inc. The maze was designed by Dean Sutton Architects and completed with the participation of 50 volunteers building it through snow, freezing rain.


Arctic Glacier Ice Maze sets world record


Initial design of the structure


About 50 people volunteered to build it through snow, freezing rain and melting temperatures


Artic Glacier donated 2,200 blocks of ice


The majority of heavy-lifting equipment helps complete the work


Each block of ice weighs 300 pounds


The end-structure weighs 600,000 pounds


The entire maze is lit with blue and red rope lights


Volunteers set up the entire festival with cooperation from the city



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