Are Laptop Charger Adapters Necessary for Travel?


You use your laptop to check emails, work while traveling and to upload photos to share with your friends and family. If you want to take your laptop, netbook or other form of computer with you when you travel, what do you need to ensure that you can plug it in wherever you are? Let’s look at the requirements for traveling with your laptop.

Simplest Solution for International Use
Many or most laptops already have a power cord and adapter that’s just about ready for international use. This is the cable with the rectangular black box situated somewhere along its length. Most of these cables can accept voltages from 100 to 240 volts, which will allow you to use electricity from pretty much anywhere.

The issue though is you cannot plug it in at your destination because you will likely have a plug type (3 prong, etc) that won’t fit into those funny little outlets in other countries. All you need is a simple adapter to allow the plug to fit into the country’s outlet type. Your power cord will take care of the rest and accept whatever voltage the outlet throws at you. You can stay plugged in or you can plug in just to charge up the batteries.

Laptop Chargers
If you have lost or broken your original cable you can find universal chargers that fit many laptops. Ensure that the little round plug fits your laptop before you leave. Most come with an assortment of connections. Also make sure that the voltage is rated for 110 to 240v. You’ll still need a plug adapter for your destination country, so the plug will physically fit into the wall outlet.

Universal laptop chargers often come with USB outlets which are handy for charging other portable devices.

Travel Adapter
This is a little converter which will give you 110 volts (or whatever your voltage is) like back home. They often come with an assortment of plugs to fit outlets in different areas of the world. Use this if you have a few different electronic items that need “home style” voltage.

It’s quite easy to take your laptop overseas. First check your current power cable for its voltage rating, then make sure your plug will fit in to the outlet at your destination. That’s really all there is to it! For each device you have, other than your laptop, check its power cable and determine if you need to purchase any other adapters or charging devices.

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