Athens, Greece ? Historical yet Vibrant


As the birthplace of western civilization and the home of spectacular ancient sights, this capital city offers some of the most fascinating and traditionally Greek sights one could hope.


Arts and culture are huge in Athens, Greece after all, this is where drama originated. There are larger, more popular places to see, like the National Gallery, but dotted around the city are smaller galleries where you can experience even more Classical art. 148 theaters exist in Athens, meaning if you are looking to see a performance, you needn’t go far. Among these is the ancient Herodes Atticus Theater, Greece.

The best way to see central Athens is on foot. A one hour stroll with eyes and camera open will reveal a carnival of costumes, noise and unexpected sights. Try to avoid following passer’s-by who are just rushing through traffic, squares and pedestrian zones. These people are always “busy” on their cellphones, in a hurry to work, eat, shop, to the metro stations, begging for a taxi or trying to board a crowded bus or trolley. In contrast to the fast pace there are the bench people in small green squares, the students in cafes, and the chic upper class wining and dining in expensive restaurants and hotels. Throw in open air markets, people from all over the world visiting, working or passing through Greece, pigeons, a stray dog, museums and monuments-that’s Athens- chaos and color under the eye of a golden Parthenon.

Over 10 million tourist every year to Athens only,and 25 million tourist every year all around Greece all u need for a perfect vacation is surely in Athens beaches,hotels,nightlife,fun centers and much much more u don’t need time to think Athens is your tourism destination. The sights also along the way have been pretty spectacular and if you have a chance to visit Greece, we definitely recommend it over the tourist trail of Western Europe

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