Back Acne Treatment Tips


Acne is a skin condition. It effects almost every one. It does not only erupt when a person reaches puberty but a person can suffer from acne at almost any age.

The problem of acne starts when pores and hair follicles start to clog. The reason of clogged pores is the excessive production of sebum on the surface of the skin. Dead cells do not find any way to escape from the skin. When dead cells combine with excessive oil they provide an excellent ground for the production of bacteria.

This clogging of blocked pores can take place anywhere on the body. The cause of the acne on face and pimple is same but back acne is harder to treat. Basically the skin of back area is comparatively tougher. The cleaning of back area is also not easy. It is difficult to reach while a person washes his body. Back is a body part that is pressed most when a person sleeps. The physical pressure sometimes makes the existing acne situation even worse.

If you are suffering from acne breakout you must not wear tight fitted clothes. The tight fitted clothes make the skin more inflamed and irritated and worsen the condition. Thorough washing of the skin especially back is an essential step to cure back acne. One should use a soap that contains salicyclic acid. The back acne sufferers should often change the bed sheet; as it is a nice residence of billions of bacteria that can attack the skin anytime.

Never touch or squeeze acne lesions. It will not help to resolve the problem; rather trigger a more severe acne breakout or will spread the infection to other body parts.

A healthy diet low in fat and rich in vitamins also prevent extra oil on skin. This also prevents further acne breakouts. Drinking plenty of water is also helpful.

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