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.tags According to Beijing News reported on January 20 this year during Spring Festival, Beijing West Railway Station’s traffic to another record, to 5.62 million. Expected to February 6 to 12 will reach a peak passenger flow. West Point single day of additional 56 pairs of the spring period, the opening line of the train will reach a record total of 183 pairs.

Beijing West Railway Station footbridge stop by a large number of visitors
Spring Festival passenger flow has come
students This spring from 30 January to 10 March, a total of 40 days. Starting today, Beijing has entered the spring state. In yesterday’s West Railway Station North Square flyover to see long lines of passengers queuing up at the bridge, about 5 minutes waiting to board the escalator, Spring Festival passenger flow to have begun. “From last weekend, West Station on the train had reached 12 million, an increase of 20,000 than usual, this new 20,000 are mainly home students.” West Station News A spokesman for Yao Hongren said.

Postganglionic a substantial increase in visitors during Spring Festival
Railway department estimated that the spring 40 days, the Beijing West Railway Station will be sent 5.62 million passenger trips daily average of 141,000 people, more than 457,000 passengers last year, up 8.9%. Which sent 15 days before the holiday travelers 2.916 million people, essentially flat with last year; but will be sent 25 days after the holiday travelers 2.704 million passengers, a 20% increase over last year. “Festival on students in Beijing with visits to school passenger passenger, tourist flow will be added together.” Yao Hongren said.

Expected before the holiday week, from February 6 to February 12, Beijing West Railway Station will celebrate the Spring Festival passenger flow peak. Visit flow, flow will be a high degree of superposition of workers, especially on February 10 to 12 days, the direction of transport capacity will be high tension, estimated daily passenger volume will reach 23 million or more, is the daily traffic of Beijing West Railway Station more than twice.

Remember the following five strokes during Spring Festival travel, you can prevent theft
Prevention One trick: buy a ticket remember other scab in crude
Intended to train passengers, the best train ticket in advance about the approximate price, and the fare ready in advance, do not bring the money with their own together, so as to avoid Crime Molecular leave opportunity.

Prevention tactics 2: Beware of fish in troubled waters on the train
Now have some way to play is very precise blade of thieves. Through the clothing will be able to empty the victim’s money to steal, but not injured skin. Passenger car, do not think that can be perfectly safe custody of personal valuables, time can not relax vigilance. The ticket and the car, people tend to be more crowded, the passengers the best time to hang in the front pack, so that thieves will not start with a small increase in the difficulty.

Tactics against the three: put luggage on the rack to prevent
On the train, the trip first thing to do is to find seats and overhead luggage placed in the luggage rack, think that the thief would not steal. As the head position is the visual of the blind spot, standing on a stool thieves can pretend to take their baggage, put stolen luggage of passengers, such Theft Means they are called “on the shelf.” Therefore, when placed in luggage, luggage should be placed on a shelf above his ramp, and the only line of sight can easily leave their bags unattended at any time.

Prevention tactics 4: Beware pull the rest back dead
Train travel, especially when one or two o’clock noon and 12 midnight to 6am this time, the thieves start with the best time, people will lose a sleep vigilance, particularly vulnerable to thieves succeeded. Passengers best to keep out in front of plenty of physical strength. On the train, and if they try not to travel alone to sleep in the car, there are companion you can take turns resting.

Tactics against the five: the conversation to prevent the child care

Often spread when thieves start with the attention of passengers. They usually means is “the nursery”, that is any excuse to strike up with passengers, or to attract their attention to designing a trap to fall in. The victim, the other fellow passengers will be waiting for an opportunity to steal property.

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