Being Eco-friendly With Your Life Style – 1 Step at a Time


If you are looking to make a positive impact on your environment but aren’t sure where to start it’s not as hard as you might think. Typically you can begin to live a green lifestyle every morning just by changing the way you shave. Typically, despite their drawbacks the disposable razor is the preferred method of shaving for most men in the morning. Unfortunately, it has many drawbacks and is not very eco-friendly. While one could spend a long time talking about the drawbacks of a disposable razor compared to a quality electric razor we will only briefly discuss the ecological drawbacks here.

When using a disposable razor, it is often required to use a lubricant such as a shaving gel or foam. These are typically dispensed through aerosol means, which contribute to the harmful green house gases we all must deal with for years to come. Simply be eliminating the use of an aerosol lubricant you will be taking the first good green step towards living a more eco-friendly life style.

The second consideration is that the disposable razor consumes a lot of energy in its product. Typically the packaging is purely plastic and the razors themselves are plastic and metal, and are often not recycled after use. Because of that, they contribute greatly to filling landfills with toxins that are non-bio-gradable. The typical disposable razor last for between one and three uses making them pile up quickly just over the course of a month. When compared to a quality Braun electric razor, the amount of waste produced and energy consumed by a disposable razor is staggering. A Braun electric shaver blade will typically last between six and nine months without replacement and when they do need to be replaced, they can be recycled by any metal recycler in your area. In addition, using an electric razor requires no lubricant between your skin and the blade, which also reduces its eco-impact.

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