Best Electronic Travel Companions

.tags Planning to go on a vacation? Once you have sorted out things like transportation and accommodation, it is time to decide which of your electronic gadgets to bring with you. Of course, if you only have a couple of them, you can just stuff them all in your bag and be done with it. But if you have plenty to choose from, then it might be a bit harder.

A portable media player would come in handy if you need to kill some time. Then for taking pictures, you would need either a compact point and shoot digital camera or a DSLR. If you need to stay in touch with your loved ones at home, then you would need to bring your laptop computer with you. If you need to catch up on your reading, an e-book reader would be a necessary travel companion.

The trouble is that on most trips, you would need all these things. Even if you have an mp3 player with camera, you still have to lug around plenty more gadgets. It is therefore wise to invest in a touch screen tablet with plenty of features to cover your needs during travel.

Technology has given us a lot of electronic gadgets. Back in the day, we had separate gadgets for different purposes like an mp3 player that only plays music. Then mp3 players with displays that allow the user to view movies came along. Today, we have touch screen tablets that can serve as your portable media player playing movies and music alike, an e-book reader with the ability to connect via the internet to shop for new titles, and some of these touch screen tablets also come with a high resolution camera to help you snap those once in a lifetime shots.

Unfortunately, these tablets we see in the market today do not have the same capabilities of a really good camera. Although they are equipped with quality lenses, it is still sometimes necessary to bring along a high-end camera on your trips. But, the fact that you can now have almost all of your electronic gadget needs covered by one touch screen tablet means you have more room in your baggage for even a big DSLR.

Of course, since these tablets have plenty of features, it is obvious that they would cost more than an mp3 player with camera. But if you want a flexible gadget to bring along with you on your travels that would be as useful as three or four electronic gadgets, then a touch screen tablet would be a wise purchase.

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