Blocked Tubes: How to Avoid IVF and Surgery| Fertility Expert Dr. Randy Morris

Blocked Tubes: How to Avoid IVF and Surgery| Fertility Expert Dr. Randy Morris

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Blocked Tubes

If both of your fallopian tubes are blocked, then getting pregnant on your own is impossible. IVF is a highly successful treatment option for blocked tubes but it can be expensive if you don’t have insurance coverage and it doesn’t correct the underlying problem.

At IVF1, we can fix some types of blocked tubes WITHOUT the need for surgery. First, there are three types of blocked tubes. Distal blockage occurs at the end of the fallopian tube farthest away from the uterus. Distal blockage cannot be fixed without surgery.

Some women have a blockage that is due to previous surgery on the fallopian tube. For example, a previous surgery to tie the tubes or for a tubal pregnancy. This type of blockage can also not be fixed without surgery.

Finally, there is proximal obstruction. This is a blockage that occurs at the beginning of the tube, the part that is closest to the uterus.

To fix a proximal blockage without surgery, we use x-ray. First, a standard HSG is performed, If the blockage is confirmed, then a second, smaller catheter is threaded through the first catheter and into the fallopian tube opening. The HSG dye can then be injected directly into the tube opening. Often, this is sufficient to remove a blockage.

If that doesn’t work, the final step is to thread a wire through the catheter to dislodge the blockage. That’s it!

The whole process lasts just a few minutes, there are no incisions and you go home in 5-10 minutes. The discomfort level is minimal.

This technique may not work for everybody but if you are looking to avoid IVF or surgery, it is worth a few minutes to give it a try.

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