Briggen – By Ann Keller


Many authors write science fiction books that are filled with wars between nations, lots of violence among the characters and that is all. However, that is not the case in Briggen. Ann B. Keller takes her writing and her characters to a new level. The author describes each character so graphically and expertly, that the reader can visualize the character’s appearance and sees his or her mannerisms just by reading the way they are described. The author not only engages the reader in the plot from the first page, but also blends the many worlds that exist in the 25th century when this novel takes place.

Prince Briggen has been away from his home planet, Mantasi, and is trying to return due to serious unrest among the different planets. Unfortunately, this places him in the center of numerous intergalactic wars and even murders.

While fighting on the Montplain, the ship that is trying to take Briggen home, he and the members of the crew have to try to save many people being attacked by aliens from utter annihilation. Telana, the captain of a freighter ship, is transported to the Montplain, an Alliance ship and from then on, things change not only for her but for Briggen, too.

Briggen has the power to foresee danger and the ability to protect himself, others, and their ships from harm by creating a protective shield by outstretching his arms for long periods of time. With the aid of his old friend, Quinhelm, the wizard, a dragon named Ephereon and the captains, commanders and crews of many ships, they fight the Xandoth, Jafrans and other forces of evil that do not want peace throughout their galaxy and are trying to make sure that Briggen is never crowned king.

To make matters even more difficult, but interesting for the reader, Ephereon decides to capture Telana. The great dragon takes Telana under his wing and teaches her what she needs to learn in order to help Briggen save her own people and others, too. Ephereon explains to Telana that she is the Chosen One and instructs her in the ways of magic and use of her telepathic powers. Telana thinks she is only an orphan and has never heard of her past heritage, but Ephereon takes her on a journey into the past that will forever change her life.

Briggen is not just a book about good versus evil. We learn that Telana is also a sorceress and that the Sorceress of Endih is another thorn in her side and Briggen’s. This novel is much more. It is about faith, trust, loyalty, and understanding among friends. Briggen is about people from different planets joining to save other people in their world. It is about not giving up and going that extra mile to save others and not just yourself.

When the Xandoth and Jafrans finally do attack, Ms. Keller shows that it is possible to work in a world where there are differences in not only physical appearance, but also in thoughts and beliefs, those that stand for good, not evil. I cannot tell you the rest. You need to find out what happens and if Briggen finally takes the throne. You need to read how his relationship with Telana turns out and you need to read this book to learn that maybe everyone today should follow suit with the great characters on the Montplain and the loyal people of Briggen’s home planet, Mantasi. Understanding the differences of others is what makes Briggen, the man, so special and makes this book more than just five stars.

I think I would give this Five Golden Piradors to be used to save the good and protect them.

Fran Lewis

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