Building Your Social Media Marketing Platform


What to do in the first 90 days of your internet based MLM…
This is not about your attitude, mindset, or motivation; it is about process. Presumably you have done your research and have chosen a product; now you are ready to begin building your list and marketing the product. The following outlines the general components of an internet-based marketing system. The purpose of this system is to generate a list of like-minded people and develop relationships with those individuals that will allow you to quickly and easily share your ideas and opportunities. Your system will automate many tasking actions involved in creating and communicating with your list. However, creating your system is not automated will require you to become educated on the tools and techniques. If you have chosen a team or group with the proper resources you will find this process much easier -see my previous article.
The idea here is to offer interesting and informative content to attract and persuade people to seek out more. At each Social Media site or other internet presence where your content is published, such as, Facebook, YouTube Channel, or Twitter, there are links or opt-in choices a reader can select to connect and find additional information. The goal is to eventually entice the reader to contact you directly by leaving their contact information. At this point they are initiating the relationship; this is an obvious distinction from unsolicited contact. 
The following are some of the basic tools that can be incorporated into your system:

– Facebook
– Twitter
– YouTube
– CraigsList
– Ezine articles
– Blog hosting site
–  Create a Blog with opt-in feature or link to your lead capture page.
–  Back-link sites and accounts to automate content distribution and capture leads.
–  Create and publish valuable content in the form of video, blog entry, or article to attract people to your opt-in or lead capture page.
– Follow up with new leads with automated messaging (auto-responder) and phone calls.
Setting up accounts is easy but connecting and automating your system requires a knowledge and skill. The learning process and implementation will be the most trying and time consuming of the entire undertaking. The concept and description of the system is much easier discussed than it is to put into practice so try not to get frustrated; seek the help and expertise of your support team or up-line.
It is not necessary to have all of the system components in place prior to publishing content; you can get started with only one. Once you wrap your brain around the basic principles of the system you will soon realize that creating interesting and original content can be challenging.
Please keep a look out for my next article where I address the challenge of creating content.
Thanks for reading and I hope you found this informative.
Holly B.

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