Can 40s Women Have a Baby?

.tags Before reading my below article, you should have enough open-mindedness. Being Chinese woman, I believe health problems can often be traced back to an imbalance of our life force or Qi (chee). Conventional Chinese medical wisdom recommends that for those older women who are desire of having baby, traditional herbal medicine and a balanced diet are the most powerful secrets to their dream.

It’s true. I have found that there are many women, all over the world, who have encountered the same problem as my husband and I and are using Chinese therapy for treatment. Let me give you just three examples.

1. Daphne Silverston of Ohio, at age 42, was diagnosed with PCIS and premature ovarian failure. Daphne was told she would never have a child. She followed a combination of Chinese and western natural therapies and is now a mother.

2. Lauren Ross of Georgia, aged 38. Lauren was given a 4% chance of becoming pregnant and a 2% chance of carrying a baby to full term. She followed the same therapies as Daphne Silverston and, after two months, she became pregnant and is now the mother of a perfect little boy.

3. Dorothy Macleod of Ontario, Canada. She fought infertility for 10 years. One of her tubes was blocked and she had two ovarian cysts. At 38 years of age she was told that IVF was the only option, but Dorothy was terrified of the side-effects of IVF, the pain and the low success rate. She and her husband decided to seek a natural Chinese-therapy alternative and became pregnant after two months.

You see? Having a baby in your 40s is possible, even when the doctors say you can’t. These women followed the guidance of a medical researcher, Lisa Owen, who has written a book on Chinese and holistic drug-free therapy for women having trouble conceiving. “Pregnancy Miracle” has, she says, brought about truly miraculous results for women in 52 countries.

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