Causes Of Back Pain, Chicago


Suffering from back pain is a common thing affecting nearly ninety percent of Americans at some point in their lifetime. However, back pain is not a specific disease. It is rather a symptom that can occur due to a variety of reasons.

Most common causes of back pain are overstretched ligaments (sprain) or muscles (strains), injury to bones, nerves of the spine, and so on. The ache could be most severe immediately after an injury or it may worsen gradually over a few hours. Pain could also arise from some abnormalities of organs that include pelvis, chest, abdomen, and so on. This is known as referred pain. Various intra-abdominal disorders, like kidney diseases, appendicitis, pelvic infections, bladder infections, aneurysms, ovarian disorders, and many as such can cause back pain. This pain can also occur during normal pregnancy when nerves may get irritated or ligaments get stretched.

Most of the time back pain as a result of sprain or strain can be resolved within 2 to 6 weeks following a conservative course of treatment, if there are no serious underlying medical conditions. Some common causes of strains and sprains that can trigger acute back pain include- sudden, strenuous physical effort, improper lifting, accident, fall, sports injury, bending forward for a prolonged period, poor sitting, standing or sleeping posture, carrying heavy things, hiking one’s shoulder for holding the phone receiver to the ear, and so on. Excess weight can also contribute to the onset of acute back pain. Some of the more serious causes of back pain are as follows-

* Impingement of nerves: This thing occurs due to bulging of the disc between the bones of the vertebral column. An example of nerve root impingement is sciatica, which results in sharp, pain in a specific area, associated with numbness in the leg.

* Spondylosis: This occurs when the inter-vertebral discs lose moisture and volume with age. This decreases the disc height. Under these circumstances, even a minor trauma can cause inflammation and nerve root impingement.

* Spinal stenosis: This takes place when spinal disc degeneration is coupled with disease in joints of the back. A person suffering from this disease can have severe back pain while standing for a long time or taking a short distance walk.

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