Cell Phone Tower Dirigibles to Restore Battlespace Communications


Wars are often a chaotic mess and the defending nation must have open communication lines to properly stave off the advancing strike forces. Once the communication is knocked out the defending nation will lose much of its ability to execute its defense strategy against the attacking army.

In the future robotic armies will be defending entire nations. However, an electronic attack prior to an invading army strike will most likely render the nations capability to operate its tele-robotic unmanned fighting vehicles, which considering the cost of acquisition, maintenance and replacement this is not pretty.

Worse think of the potential eventuality of the aggressor army capturing all these robotic fighting machines, swapping out chips and adding them as mobile robotic infantry to fight for their side against their owners? Without communication the defense army would be helpless to stop the robots and would be forced to fire upon them, eliminating those assets or be killed by them.

“The Robot of My Enemy is My Friend?”

Indeed the power to over ride, eliminate or infiltrate the enemy’s communication system can work both ways. Perhaps the future of Military Hacking will be its own special command in the future. He who controls the robots and the electronics in the Net Centric Battlespace controls the battles and eventually wins the war. Once one competitor has the upper hand over the other it becomes paramount to regain communications. How can this be done?

Well there are many ways to regain communication and one way is to send up 3G Wireless Cell Towers insider dirigibles. Yes, they will become immediate targets and yet if the defending army had many of these small relay systems they could constantly send another one up. They could be buried underground in advance just in case with trap doors which could be opened causing the system to inflate and float skyward.

Sounds crazy enough, but such systems have many advantages such as dealing with large Hurricanes or Typhoons. If all communication were wiped out the entire system could be run with instant up communication towers that could relay information to all the robotic search and rescue units. If the systems were many and small and cheap to build they could be expendable and therefore usable in the battlespace too. If the aggressor assumed that the communication was knocked out they might attempt to try for hard to achieve targets and then be caught by surprise.

Of course if the aggressor army needed to bring in its own communication it might consider floating in its own communication systems on blimps, balloon or dirigibles. This could easily be done by using a UAV which had balloon bags with canisters which would inflate when it reached is desired area to provide communication to run all the unmanned ground vehicles.

Of course this might be a back-up for satellites, ships, AWACS, UAV relays, mobile command centers, ground communication systems and/or base camps. It is that important because if you lose communication with your UGVs you might be in for a world of hurt.

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