Chris Hutcherson


Chris Hutcherson has stamped his name concerning marketing and business excellence. His current achievements is a major leap from his earlier career path. Now Chris Hutcherson is recognized as one of the top business executives not only in the United States but also in the rest of the world.


Those who have collaborated with Chris Hutcherson, in one way or another, might have glimpsed how he works. Whatever they attest about Chris Hutcherson’s reputation as a professional all boils down to his ability to communicate his visions and looking for innovative ways to realize them. Plus, his own passion for whatever he does influences his co-workers and subordinates to increase their level of commitment as well.


His “under promise and over deliver” motto has indeed exemplified the works he has established. Hence, he is mostly known for his ability to not only meet up what transcend people’s idea of what cannot or can be done. In fact, he has helped launch several business ideas and led people into their much wanted success.


Robert Henslee had the opportunity to work with him in evaluating software technologies for Loyalty Software Application. Even he did not expect that Chris Hutcherson would have valuable insights in this field since his known field of expertise is sales and marketing. Aside from understanding, he is also efficient in terms of devising business models for the internet industry.


Chris Hutcherson worked together with Henslee in building up the Business Opportunity Portal. Chris Hutcherson himself pointed out the potential massive growth of online users, which would encourage the formation of several internet businesses.


Chris Hutcherson also believed that this was more profound amongst Internet users outside of the US, which was a wide market for their business model. Hutcherson and Henslee worked together in mastering SEO, SEM, and Search Engine tools to develop the most efficient platform that will launch this program. Aside from that, they also utilize Network and MLM marketing tools for establishing an online social network such as Portal.


When it comes to the Merchant and Consumer Loyalty Experts, Chris Hutcherson is also a breakthrough. He pioneered the Discover Stored Value Card that enable over 60 merchants to co-market their brand using a single card. All these breakthroughs had led to better sales and partnership efforts over time.


Chris Hutcherson is recognized for his affiliation with several associations such as the Northern Kentucky Association of Realtors, the National Association of Realtors, and the Northern Kentucky Multiple Listing Service. And yet, he remains to be the humble individual his friends recalled of him. In fact, Chris Hutcherson actively participates in community involvement activities. In fact, he is a PTA at the New Haven Elementary, as well as a coach for the Boone County Knothole.


This and all other regular activities are what he loves doing on spare time. Most of the time, he prefers bonding with either family or friends. Meanwhile, he has major interests in certain sports like basketball or softball. The most valuable asset for Chris Hutcherson is his capacity to perform well in several different industries. Chris Hutcherson level of expertise has ensured his success not only in a single industry but in several of them.

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