Coconut oil – Natural Treatment for Hair Fall


Hair as such is a long filament of dead keratin protein but has alive follicle and cell beneath the scalp. There is one basic factor for healthy hair that if you are healthy then you will have long and shinny hair but on the other hand any problem like excessive hair fall, patches of baldness or dryness of hair means that there is some health related problem that should be immediately looked into and rectified to stop the further aggravation of the problem.

Secret behind growth and condition of hair is proper diet, stress free nature, yoga, oil massage and sound sleep. In all natural oils are very beneficial for hair growth and among these, coconut oil is regarded as the best as it has solved the problem of many people.

Since ages coconut oil has been used for curing skin as well as hair problems as it has anti fungal and anti bacterial properties. Regular use of this oil leads to supple and soft skin as well as hair. Also hair breakage and split ends are reduced to minimum by regularly massaging your scalp with coconut oil. Lice are kept out of scalp with this oil and it also gives shine to the dull looking hair.

Coconut oil works in two ways. It keep the shaft and hair follicles moist thus lends a long and thick hair. Secondly it is used for conditioning the hair daily for damage free hair.

For a long time it was thought that coconut oil is not good because it has saturated fatty acid but now apart from other features it is this feature that makes this oil an exception for healthy hair and skin. Coconut oil is rich in saturated fatty acid like linoleic acid, capric acid, oleic acid, myristic, caprylic acid and caprylic acid and this gives softness to the hair. This is done by providing moisture to hair and scalp. Hence if you have dry hair then use this oil to see the result.

Many people are worried from the problem of hair loss and hair fall. So coconut oil is a bless for the people who are looking for something to rely on for this matter along with other ayurveda hair loss treatment. For them daily massage with coconut oil is recommended along with other necessary things. For better result warm the oil a bit and then use it for massaging. Keep the oil for at least one hour and then wash your head with ayurvedic shampoo. For better result you can keep it overnight as well. Do not use to harsh or strong shampoos for washing.

Coconut oil also stimulates the growth of new hair as it is rich in vitamin E, which is very good for the growth of the hair. It keeps away the pimples and helps in healing of scalp from mosquito or insect bite.

Coconut oil keeps the scalp healthy and we know that hair from a healthy scalp will automatically be healthy. So use coconut oil for healthy and bouncy hair.

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