Common Causes of Insomnia


It must be very difficult to have difficulty and irregularity in sleeping. Apparently, people acquire insomnia from three possible causes, namely: psychological, physical, and temporary events or factors.

Psychological Causes

When an individual often experiences anxiety he may eventually acquire insomnia. This anxiety may be brought about by an experienced tension and uneasiness. It may be caused by situations wherein one feels helpless, afraid, worrisome, and unsure. These feelings may be rooted from experiences in the workplace, from worrying about financial problems, worrying about matters of relationships, and a lot more. Of course, when one experiences anxiety too much, this leads to stress. Although, there are actually two kinds of stress. And this is based on how an individual perceives a situation. Apparently, he may see a situation as either challenging or threatening. And if he does perceive it as threatening that’s when the negative kind of stress strikes. People have different strategies in coping with changes, and that dictates the level of stress they experience. If they do not know how to manage situations very well, they are easily stressed which eventually leads to lack of or difficulty in sleeping. When an individual seems not capable of handling stress very well, he is prone to being dumped in depression. And depression is one very popular cause of insomnia. When one experiences these feelings, it is advisable that they go seek professional counseling from therapists.

Physical Causes

Amongst women, a possible cause for insomnia could be moments when they experience hormonal changes. This includes both premenstrual and menstruation per se. Pregnant women can also experience insomnia. Women reaching their menopausal stage can also experience it. Amongst the elders, apparently, as a person ages, his melatonin decreases. Melatonin is the hormone, which aids in controlling sleep. When a person reaches 60, his boy already produces very few melatonin, thus, he may experience irregular sleep. Insomnia may also be experienced by anyone regardless of the age or gender. Those that have medical conditions such as allergies, arthritis, heart disease, asthma, Parkinson’s disease, among others may also acquire insomnia because of the pain and discomfort they experience.

Temporary Events Or Factors

Apparently, short-term insomnia also exists. And this is caused by temporary events such as jet lag, having to do graveyard shift for work, when one’s under medication, overconsumption of caffeine and alcohol, environmental noise, and even change in temperature.


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