Cramming To Buy Dv: Filling The Three Experts Asked 5 Aspect


Golden Week is around the corner, before traveling, a lot of friends to purchase digital equipment to buy digital products but is not a simple matter, this issue is to make you our special master in the shortest possible time the wisest purchase skills.

Buy DV When asked by some of the key information to reflect the professionalism, such as: CCD, lens, zoom, pixels, etc.. Once you ask these critical questions, and to express certain views, I am sure the seller will not easily you.

A Q pixels: Many sellers are in pixels high point for the publicity. At this point the consumer can easily answered: the dynamic needs of 400,000 pixels it is only enough to have no effect so high, high pixel still shot only help, but do not take pictures, such as how DC went for `Well, I When the DC is not used. This allows the seller must not despise you.

2 Q CCD: CCD features similar to film cameras, the CCD area is larger, DV shooting the greater good, so you should ask the seller to select the CCD DV is much, CCD is also to ask which manufacturers. This seller will not dare to boast of in front of you.

Three Questions Liquid crystal Screen: If the relatively large LCD screen, you can pretend not satisfied and said: “While watching a large LCD screen up easily, but also more cost power ah.” And then you can ask a passing shot battery duration. As a seller will feel touched expert.

Selected Aspect DV 5 (a crash)

A look appearance. See the color, shape, size, work is fine, design is smooth, and the hand feel and see whether the structure of the machine and close the hand with falling real sense of the layout of keys is beautiful and reasonable.

Two to see clarity. HD is the first factor to be considered the machine, which is

Video camera Basic role. At present, some machines may lose some clarity, more obscure, by contrast can be directly aware of this problem.

See three colors. Mainly the reduction of color. Faithfully reproduce the color of shooting scenery or people, but also reflect the inherent qualities of the important aspects of the machine. In the current machines, some still appear reddish or purple fringing phenomenon, some are in the shadow of the performance deficiencies, the Department can not properly reflect the level of dark, vulnerable to the Department in the dark when the dark situation.

Four sees handling. To push, pull, rotate, change the most fundamental point of view shot, feel the control of the machine.

5 the menu. Is not that the Chinese menu. Another is to see if battery life is displayed. This function can avoid the embarrassment of no electricity.

Anti Test Title Here are a few consumers in the purchase of DV, it is easy to understand the seller products generated errors against the question. For example:

Questions 1. Pixels the higher the better, right?

A: Actually not the pixels the higher the better, especially for dynamic shooting is not the case, dynamic shooting only 400 000 pixels is enough.

Title 2. What is the screen to 16:9?

A: 16:9 authenticity appeared on the market situation and therefore require careful this problem. Pseudo 16:9 image in 4:3 on the basis of the cut below, the visual and the effective pixel size reduction.

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