Debunking Victorian myths.1. Dressing up Victorians

Debunking Victorian myths.1. Dressing up Victorians

‘ Sure you do look nice, but gosh, it must have taken you ages to get it all on!’

Working as a historical interpreter, I have met with this myth often – people just think it took hours to get dressed in all the layers.

Recently the issue even emerged on the Sewing Bee ( episode 4.3). And whereas it is true that it did take more time than donning our modern garments, Getting dressed was not a very long process.
In the video I am showing exactly how long it would take – I have sped up the footage for the clarity – otherwise the video would be rather boring, watching someone doing a reverse strip tease over 10 minutes….).
I have demonstrated two different eras, the crinoline styles and the bustle styles.

You can also see that it is indeed possible to get dressed on your own – although I must say help is always welcome, specially if you are less flexible or suffer from arthritis in you fingers for example. Also, it sort of goes without saying that if the dress is fastened at the back, with buttons, lacing, hooks and eyes etc, then help may be needed o matter how flexible you are 🙂

Hope you find it enjoyable – i would recommend simply fast forwarding on the boring moments ( buttoning things up…)

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