Demat Account – The truth behind Affiliate Marketing [HINDI]

Demat Account – The truth behind Affiliate Marketing [HINDI]

Demat Account Affiliate Marketing is very common these days. Normally, the potential account holder can open a Demat account that is assigned to the affiliate marketer. I keeping receiving request from the viewers of my channel to share the link to open a Demat account.

I always suggest the viewers open the Demat account based on their need and requirement. There is NO Suggestion from my end in this regard. In this video, i have shared the 5 reason why i do not associate with the affiliate marketing of any of the Demat account.

1. If anyone opens the account through my affiliate marketing link then it should be beneficial to both the parties. However, in most of the case, the financial benefit is passed only to the affiliate marketer.

2. You will be suggested to trade more. The reason being more trade means more commission. Therefore, your money will be put at the risk

3. In my opinion, it is also a privacy concern. For example, if the account is opened through my link then i will access to name, mobile no etc of the account holder.

4. I should suggest only services where i am convinced that it will benefit you. In many cases, the marketer is using the services of firm A but promoting the Demat account of the firm B.

5. Lastly, there should be proper disclosure and disclaimer.

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