Digital Alarm Clock is Necessary for A Travel


You might think that alarm clocks are available in all hotels nowadays. However, this is not the case in Europe. The hotels are nice, but very few alarm clocks are found. it’s because most people prefer receiving a wake-up call to figuring the clock by themselves.


I suppose he’s right, especially if the country you’re visiting doesn’t speak your native language. Imagine trying to learn how the alarm works, and doing so in… Ukrainian.




I don’t know about you, but I really DON’T like waking up to a shrilly screaming telephone in the early hours of the morning!


That’s why my digital travel alarm type clock works out so beautifully. For less than $ 40, I have a lovely alarm that wakes me up in a nice variety of ways. I can put the clock in my pocket and have it vibrate me awake. Or I can choose to have the alarm wake me with several different nature sounds like the ocean, a breeze waving through the forest, a gentle rain, you get the picture.


Of course, there’s always the original “beep beep beep” wake-up tone, or some alarm clocks will let you tune into a local radio station so you can wake to music. Some clocks allow you to see the indoor temperature, and there are specialty clocks that let you set the alarm twice or even more within a 24 hour period, if, for example, you want to take a nap but don’t want to miss that Chopin concert.


On military time? Many digital travel alarm clocks let you set your timepiece on a 24 hour day. Most also have nice large easy-to-read displays that you can see easily in the day or night. Want a few extra minutes to sleep? Almost all of these alarm clocks include a snooze button.


So what’s not to like? It’s so much easier to just bring your digital travel alarm clock with you. Less hassle means more time to enjoy your trip to the full!


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