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.tags “Why do I have one machine must also purchase high-definition set-top box? I just can not understand. “Recently, a woman named Vicky in the United States to reporters about her high-definition digital processing in Nanjing

TV Business experience confusion. Vicky to Ning has been almost 3 months, before working in Beijing for some time. She had previously spent nearly 10,000 yuan in Beijing from

Home Appliances Store bought a high definition digital television body machine. Marketplace

Sell Officer told him to spend several hundred dollars just to buy a “smart card”, you can watch high-definition digital TV programs. She also opened a local radio and television, “smart cards”, and smooth to watch digital TV. Moved to Nanjing after, Vciky and her Chinese friends to a nearby radio and television operating room to buy a smart card, he was the staff told her to buy high-definition set-top boxes and related smart card can watch high-definition digital TV, separate purchase smart card can not be normal to watch HD programming. Vicky and friends argue for a while, but it still says Nanjing salesperson not support local businesses Beijing Digital TV one machine, he can not do anything.

Reporter asked a branch in Nanjing, Jiangsu Broadcasting relevant staff. Frustrated by the difficulties for Vicky powerless, she said. She said that the spread of cable digital TV is a cryptographic system, we introduced a unified country Although the basis of technical standards for digital TV set-top boxes, but digital TV around the CA management business and is still independently owned. Beijing and Jiangsu Broadcasting norms not the same as, Vicky bought one machine in Beijing to Nanjing not work properly, because the two have different network requirements. If Vicky from Nanjing to other provinces and cities, they might need to purchase local radio and television related equipment. For this to Vicky like to bring inconvenience to consumers, she said, uniform standards and integrated services is the trend, but not the local company in a short time can do.

One machine because of different standards around the radio and television have a place different requirements, it is not really the Nanjing people had no access to one machine. The staff member told reporters that the broadcast is of Jiangsu and

TV Producers on sales of one province in talks for technical specifications in order to uniform technical standards. Can be said that in the near future, shopping malls will be posted within one body corresponding network logo, then, the public can feel comfortable buying one machine. No uniform standard in the technology of today, buying one machine or to bear some risk.

News Links: With the family Decoration Enhancement, and begin broadcasting high-definition television, more and more people tend to buy high-definition set-top boxes built one machine. In the United States and Europe, with a unified digital TV standard,

Number one machine Has been very popular, and our country, one machine is also increasingly appear in the appliance markets. Whether

LG And other joint venture brands, or


, Skyworth, TCL and other domestic brands have launched one aircraft type. Can be said that one machine will become the trend, but for now, to get rid of the set-top box is not easy.

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