Dustin’s FOREX Market Predictor Works


We’ve seen Dustin’s video demonstration where he grabbed a chunk of profits in 7 seconds on a market breakout IMMEDIATELY AFTER an economic report was issued.

His software predicted the correct breakout direction.

He’s done this, over and over again, so consistently in the past 5 years, that in those 5 years, he’s never had a losing month (documented)!

Now, finally, Dustin is going to pull back the curtain and show us HOW his software works its magic.

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The Oracle Trader brings you the technology you need to gain as many pips as possible in the shortest period of time. Once you’re all setup, everything is on autopilot, almost like a robot is making the trade for you. Both entries and exits are covered for you. BUT – It’s not a Forex robot, it’s not a manual trading system. It’s a truly unique software. Oracle Trader by Forex Traders Daily is a Forex trading system – signals and auto trading software. It also includes Forex trading training.

Oracle Trader system is base on financial market news releases. It works on an idea that the market movement can be predicted based on how the release of important financial data meets its expectations. And because the releases take place at known times, it is possible to predict when the movement occurs.

One of the best things about the Oracle Trader software is the fact that you can virtually automate the whole process of news trading. Once Dustin Pass has entered the data for an upcoming news release into the system, you can use the amazing “auto click” feature to automatically place an order in your trading platform when the news is released. Depending on the actual figures that is released, the software will either place a long or a short trade, or it will stay out of the market. This feature works well and the best part is that it works with any broker platform. Then if you use Metatrader you can also use the EA they provide to manage the trade from there.

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