Dwarf Hamster Wheel


Many people underestimate the importance of the dwarf hamster wheel. Why? Well, they think it’s not one of the essentials and that all a hamster needs is food, water, and shelter. Sure, a hamster can survive with just those three things, but he’ll only be surviving and he definitely won’t be living. If you want your hamster to live, to be happy and healthy, then you can not count out the dwarf hamster wheel.

A dwarf hamster wheel is a huge part of hamster life. It will be the primary source of your hamster’s running and exercise. In the wild, these guys run for miles and miles each night. They have so much energy and are just naturally very active. By not providing your hamster with a wheel, you will be inhibiting one of his biggest natural instincts. This will not only prevent him from being physically healthy, but it will also create stress and reduce mental health as well. So do your part in fulfilling your hamster’s need to run and at the very least, get him a wheel. There are other things you should also provide as alternatives to running in the wheel, but the wheel is the most essential.

Just to illustrate how important running is, I’ll tell you a story of how a lost dwarf hamster was actually lured back into safety with a dwarf hamster wheel. A few years ago, a friend of mine discovered that her hamster had escaped. She asked me for my expertise but by the time I arrived at her house, she had already recovered her hamster! How? Well she knew her hamster just loved to run on the hamster wheel. So all she did was place the wheel in the middle of the floor in her kitchen. She was in the other room when, lo and behold, a she heard the wheel spinning. Her hamster had come back and was running in it! I hope this story gives you an idea of how important the hamster wheel is in the life of a dwarf hamster. It would be cruel to not provide your hammy with one of these.

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