Electric Wall Fireplaces Add Beauty And Warmth To Your Home


Whether you reside in a Victorian mansion or a small apartment, your home is sure to have enough space for a gas fireplace. Electric wall fireplaces are offered in myriad designs, any number of which would be suitable to your lifestyle and the style of décor you have in your home.

It has been shown in a number of recent surveys that one of the most typically anticipated features of a new home is a fireplace. Unlike traditional wood-burning fireplaces, however, the electric fireplace will provide easy, inexpensive heat throughout any room of your home – family room, living room, or even kitchen, dining room, and bedrooms. Regardless of whether you choose a traditional terracotta finish or prefer the feel of a modern brushed steel, the electric fireplace will add a brand new, warm feel to any room in your home.

A great benefit of an electric wall fireplace is the remarkably energy efficient manner in which it can heat a room in your home or even the whole house. When used in combination with a prefabricated duct system, the electric fireplace’s heat will travel from room to room; this is often, unfortunately, not allowed in a house unless it is installed during its construction.

Electric fireplaces are also delightfully easy to use. You can turn one on by using its remote control or by flipping the simple on/off switch, which is on the unit. A thermostat allows the heat to be adjusted to whatever you consider to be the perfect temperature; oftentimes the fireplace will also come with other programmable features as well that allow you to manage such things as intensity as well.

The electricity in your home of course, fuels an electric fireplace. While you can store wood on your property, many rural areas frown upon it. You will get away without having to chop any wood! And, an electric fireplace will require far less maintenance than a wood burning one.

Whether you choose a realistic looking pile of “wood” – prefabricated ceramic logs – or the look of Victorian-styled coal, the firebox of your new fireplace will be lined with a material that resembles stones or brick. Most of us expect an unappealing flame to rise from the fake logs used to produce the heat, however, these fireplaces can emit flames that are completely natural looking, giving the appearance of a wood burning fireplace without all the work involved with keeping one in working order.

You will find that electric fireplaces can be as unique as you are. You can have your fireplace framed in wood, stone, tile, or finished stucco, most fitting in perfectly with any number of home designs. A fireplace, once installed, often becomes the focal point or your patio or home, so be sure you choose the materials that will work best with the furnishings that surround it and wisely

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