Enjoy Blockbuster Movies with DISH Network


How about enjoying this weekend staying in rather than going out? Enjoy the recently released blockbuster movies with your beloved at the cozy setting of your drawing room. DISH Network is the powerhouse of entertainment in this context. Featuring exclusively designed movie packages, this satellite TV service provider is an ultimate choice for home entertainment.

Choosing DISH Network packages means you get full entertainment for a low monthly fee. With the DISH HD DVR you can record movies and then watch them later at your leisure. Premium movie channels are available and High Definition picture and sound make your TV viewing experience outstanding. With this high-end gadget you can also have opportunity to pause movies and you are won’t get this advantage in the movie theater.

For the movie lovers, DISH Network offers four different groups to choose from. These include HBO, Showtime, Starz, and Cinemax. Viewers can also watch adult programming either monthly or on pay per view. The viewers have two options. They can buy these channels individually or they can bundle them together with two or more premiums.

Considered as the number one channel in America, HBO delivers 9 different standard-definition channels and 8 high-definition channels. Programming choices include hit movies, World Championship Boxing, special events, and award winning original series.

Showtime is another popular package that has 10 Channels where the viewers can take pleasure in Hollywood hit movies and SHOWTIME Sports®. The channel is also known for offering critically acclaimed original series. 5 of Showtime channels are delivered in HD.

With 14 fantastic channels under its belt, Starz is the BEST value package in TV entertainment. The channel is known for offering blockbuster Hollywood movies. In addition, you can also enjoy new original series as well as more than 450 different movies all through the month. Among all the channels, 6 are in HD.

For the movie freaks, Cinemax is yet another exclusive movie package from DISH Network. It brings you 5 standard-definition and 4 high-definition channels where you get to watch unique programming. There are plenty of programming choices including new-to-Cinemax movies, top box office releases, first-run theatrical premieres, and movie favorites.

If you are in search for adult oriented programming, DISH Network will not disappoint you. You can watch late night movies, insider specials, wild reality shows and much much more on Playboy TV channel. DISH Network offers HBO & Showtime free for 3 months.

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