Enjoy Your Summer Vacation At Home

.tags Stay-cations simply mean vacations without traveling, here are ideas on how to enjoy a great staycation without huge spending.

How to plan a staycation

Similar to planning a vacation, staycation requires that you find stuff to do. If you’re not sure of activities you can do in your area, try contacting the chamber of commerce in your locality and inquire about activities available. Once you have all this information with you, sit down as a family and decide on the things you’d like to do. You should make advance reservations to all attraction sites that require advance booking.

Board and Accommodations

Staycations usually involve staying at home so you can make the event fun-filled by setting up a reservation desk at home and have each family member check into their room from there. Rooms should carry “Do not Disturb” signs on the door. You should also create a schedule of events and have copies distributed to each room to remind members of what needs happen and what follows what.

You can make your staycation even more fun by camping in the backyard. Pitch up tents complete with barbecue grill and a campfire. Plan story-telling, barbecuing, and more.


Staycation planning should involve setting up a menu too. Parents should involve the kids in the menu planning, don’t worry too much about balancing the menu because even typical getaway vacations involve meals that are not always balanced and the idea of a staycation is to replicate the vacation experience. It’s never easy planning a balanced meal during hiking.

Staycation may also be the best time to sample local restaurants that you haven’t been to before. Go, find exciting hotels and dine out. Staycation is a time for the family to explore, so check out the various offerings of the local hotels.

One reason people love the hotel stay is room service, so why not try and replicate room service in your own home during the staycation? want an ideas? well, let one family member take care of the morning breakfast room service. The room service menus should be delivered to the rooms the night prior with instruction regarding delivery the following morning.

Be flexible with the room service part and ensure that each family member selects what they’re comfortable preparing because you want a happy experience for everyone.

Have Fun

Once all plans are finalized, the lodging arrangement completed and food decided on, enjoy your staycation to your hearts content. Everyone should stay away from the TV or computer while doing your staycation. The goal of the staycation is to have a fun-filled and rewarding time together with spending tons of money.

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