Female Urinary Tract Infections


If you’re suffering from a female urinary tract infection then you’re not alone. Bladder infections are a problem for 10 million American women every year, and because of the rise in bacterial infections this figure is always on the increase.

Symptoms of bladder infections in women are…

Burning sensation in the bladder and/or urethra when urinating
The urge to urinate frequently
Painful pressure above the pubic bone
Nighttime urination
Urge to urinate and only a tiny amount comes out
Cloudy, smelly urine

None of these symptoms are easy to live with, and if you’re being tormented by any of them, it’s a good idea to visit your doctor. Don’t just presume you have any vaginal infection from a list of symptoms on the internet. In no doubt, they’re a good way to narrow down that you do actually have an infection of some type, but only your health practitioner can appropriately detect what infection you are suffering from.

Antibiotics are the treatment that are given to the 10 million urinary tract infection sufferers that will see their doctor about their symptoms. This is another reason why it’s essential to visit your doctor first. Only your doctor can tell you what antibiotics to take, and how long the course of pills will last. Many women now buy their antibiotics online without a prescription, and this could lead to you creating a resistant bacteria that can be very difficult to kill.

If you don’t use your antibiotics correctly you can end up with a worse bladder infection that needs hospital treatment.

Because of the price of going to see a doctor is too much for a lot of women ( if they can’t afford insurance ), and the price of medication, more women are now treating their urinary tract infections with a home treatment. A home treatment costs a lot less ( you can get the ingredients in your grocery store ), and it will also heal your infection in in less than a day. There is also no prospect of creating a resistant bacteria in your urinary tract, as a home treatment doesn’t kill the bacteria, it just flushes it from your urethra. Once it is out you are infection free.

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