Fitness is the New Prescription


Fitness is the new advice doctor’s are giving their patients instead of a little white piece of paper to take to the local pharmacy. Not only has fitness shown in many research studies to reduce the chances of developing most cancers, and warding off other diseases such as Diabetes, Heart Disease, and Metabolic Disease; it also helps those current chronic disease sufferers improve their quality of life. Exercise has also been shown to help depression and anxiety sufferers proving to doctors that there may be more to treatment then some pills. This treatment requires sneakers and movement. Doctor’s today are trading out prescriptions and recommending thirty minutes of cardio most days along with a strength training routine. Because doctors are trained in medicine and not fitness this is where personal trainers become linked with their clients personal health.

One of the most astounding studies was done at a continuing care retirement community. The study was comprised of ninety adults with an average age of eighty years old. They participated in a supervised exercise program focusing on functional strength training. After sixth month these elderly participants saw an average increase of twenty percent upper body strength, thirty five percent increase lower body strength, and an increase of reaction time of twenty five percent. These individuals reported less joint pain, increased energy, and an easier time completing everyday tasks. The other result of this study was the residents showed a decrease in the amount of medications prescribed by physicians needed to treat their conditions. Medications used to treat high blood pressure, cholesterol, and triglycerides dropped dramatically. Many of the residents were also able to treat their type II Diabetes without medication. It is important to note that these results and dramatic health increases were achieved without changing their normal diet.

This is just one small study out of thousands proving a positive correlation between fitness and improved health. While it is understandable that many people will need prescription drugs at some point over their lifetime, fitness can decrease and prevent the amount of health problems and medications needed. Following a cardiovascular and strength training program significantly decreases the risk at any age.

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