Five Health Disciplines For Expectant Mother In Spring Festival

.tags Spring Festival is coming, expectant mother should be careful. As for Pregnant women to celebrate the Spring Festival, gynecologic expert gives Spring Festival special healthy reminders.

Watch less Film and television. The movies, TV, for pregnant women have great attraction, but also think good film-and-television works is a kind of an unborn baby. But many movies have grand scene, stressful plot, and pregnant woman after seeing it will appear symptoms.

Health remind: a pregnant woman can watch movies, TV, but should notice the time and distance. At home to see beautiful, easy appropriate movie drama, can play the role in adjusting mood, beneficial to the fetus education. The cinemas strongly sound effects and no circulation air, and exciting plot is detrimental to health, the duration of the pregnancy should avoid as far as possible.

Diet: many women think pregnant need not consider figure, eat what want to eat, especially New Year is coming.

Health remind: during the holiday season, expectant mother don’t over-eat, don’t eat too many sweets, dietary staple food. Eat less oil, low salt, eat more vegetables, fruits, moderation. The former three months of Pregnant, if pregnant women often feel hungry, they should choose some rich nutrition and have full abdomen feeling of fruit or cookies.

Long-distance travel don’t by car. Many people like to use the Spring Festival holiday to travel, pregnant women should be especially careful, had better be to nourish the fetus, if there’ll be a long journey, they must understand three matters need attention.

Health remind: 3 attention matters including contacting professional gynecologist, the whole trip tell one’s real intentions to a doctor, under his technical guidance, Prepare several loose and comfortable, soft trousers and socks, carry a suits own pillow or soft mat used for travel, Should be accompanied to ensure the trip considerate care and security. Pregnant women should choose planes, trains, ships for long distance travel, these both stable comfort and safety of transportation. An automobile is decision, because the journey bumps, jumping is first factor to cause abortion.

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