Food For Busy People


In busy working days, how can you provide enough nutrition and recover your energy? These foods below, which are rich of magnesium and vitamins, may really help.



Celery is quite useful for exhausted people. Rich of iron, celery keeps energy produced by human cells. Besides, it contains anti-oxidants like beta-carotene, which limits bad effects of free stem cells.



Celery is quite useful for exhausted people


100 grams of celery per day would provide 5 mg of iron for people at middle age.



If you feel tired, a handful of nuts such as coconut, chestnut, almond, etc. would help. These types of nuts are rich of magnesium, which helps cells to produce energy, and prevents the attack of free stem cells.



These types of nuts are rich of magnesium


A handful of nuts could supply 50 mg of magnesium out of 300 – 400 mg of our daily demand. 




Orange is called the champion in anti-fatigue. Vitamin C in orange helps us to strengthen the immune system.



An orange provides us 70 mg of Vitamin C – half of our Vitamin C demand per day


Orange juice home made



Beef steak is not only delicious but also helps us recover our energy because red meat is a wonderful source of iron. Human cells will transform this kind of meat into energy.




Consuming 200 grams of beef per day would provide us one half of the iron demand a day



According to nutrition expert, chocolate is not only a favorite food of children, but also provides energy for us anytime we feel tired. Magnesium in chocolate is vital for movement of human cells. Besides, iron and Phosphorus in Chocolate helps recover and store energy.



Chocolate is not only a favorite food of children


However, we should not abuse chocolate to avoid obesity and overweigh. Less than 100 grams of black chocolate is quite enough.



How to Make Raw Chocolate



Yogurt is rich of calcium which maintains resistance of muscles, as well as strengthens benefits of protein in the body.


Milk fermentation brings digest system significant benefits. It is also a precious source of Vitamin B12, which takes part in energy production.




Salmon is extremely rich of Omega-3, a type of fatty acid good for our health in general and our immune system in particular. Moreover, Vitamin B1 stored in salmon is vital for the transform of sugar to energy.


With 100 grams of salmon, you demand for Omega – 3 is fully supplied



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