Food Sensitivities

By Sean MacEntee on 2015-09-24 16:58:49

Ever since I was a kid, I’ve had a bit of a problem with the way I sometimes feel after certain meals. I’ve realized, by talking to others, that I am a bit more affected by certain foods than most people. I had some non-optimum issues with my health when I was a kid, such as waking up with a stuffy nose most every day for years. It would wear off throughout the day, but it was definitely an indication that something wasn’t right.

In those days, doctors would treat things such as this by carving out your adenoids and your tonsils. What I’ve come to discover over the years is that certain foods I eat will cause certain reactions such as waking up with a stuffy nose, or feeling lightheaded, or feeling sleepy. By paying attention to the way I feel after eating certain foods, I have been able to narrow down many of the culprits. Of course you can go to a doctor and have yourself tested for food allergies or food sensitivities, and I definitely recommend doing that. Many chiropractors have a way of testing you right there in the office very inexpensively.

I’ve also discovered that a vast majority of the people that I mention this to do not have much reality at all on the way that certain foods may be affecting them. Lots of people out there simply eat the way their parents ate, shooting for three squares a day and don’t give it much more thought than that. If they don’t feel well, they will take some form of over-the-counter medication and do their best with that. We all know there are no shortage of over-the-counter drugs for a vast array of conditions, from sleeping aids to lozenges, laxatives, antacids, headache remedies, and on and on.

While I’m not here to give medical advice to anyone, the purpose of my article is to point out that there may be certain foods, and these could easily be the ones you eat on a regular basis, that can be causing health problems for you that can be messing up your life to one degree or another, and if you raise your awareness of how you are feeling after you eat your meals or snacks, or if you get yourself tested for these common foods, you may be able to greatly increase your health with no added expenses.

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