Four steps that show women’s health can improve with age


In our society we are constantly with pictures and messages that tell us that the aging process is widespread and negative – that is deteriorating our health and beauty that our mental health is in danger, and that we, in principle , bombed by the spiral till death. Despite these messages, people are living longer than ever before, both in terms of number of years in which we live and our quality of life. The truth is that there is no such thing as healthy aging, andHealth> women may improve with age.

There is no doubt that any number of factors may work against our goal of healthy aging. Genetics certainly play a role in how age, but only about one third of the aging process on our genes. The rest is completely under our control.

The first step toward healthy aging and women’s health is to take an objective assessment of our habits and lifestyles. For example, there is no longer a good excusecontinue to smoke. Not only that laws have made it difficult to light in public, but there are also any number of over the counter aid in smoking cessation, support groups, and public health initiatives that can help you stop smoking. Studies have shown that if you stop smoking after 50 years you can reduce the likelihood of lung cancer by half. This is a significant increase in women’s health right there.

Next, check your eating habits. Processed food seems to be easierprepare, especially if you travel, but are taking their toll on women’s health. fresh raw foods that help the body to regenerate healthy cells, but the cells are damaged, and a key to healthy aging. You can call a healthy diet, but it is the food that we as humans should eat.

Even if you eat a significant amount of health, there are supplements that can give your health a boost metabolism. There are healthSupplements on the market that a significant difference at the cellular level can do to your body. If you receive this kind of food, you will eventually see the effects to the outside, like the skin hydrated and healthy complexion, less brittle and more luxurious hair, nails and healthier.

Third, think about moving. You do not have a gym rat, in order to obtain considerable benefits from their exercise. Maybe you like to walk in the park, in a class of yoga, or swimming a few laps in the pool.Regular exercise – 30 minutes, three to five times a week – you can on the road to healthy aging.

Fourth, an inventory of your mental health. If you eat healthy foods and not exercising, it is easy to become depressed. When you are depressed, in turn, may lead to more bad foods you eat and avoid sport until it is a vicious circle. Surcharges can give your system a kick start and help you have more energy, mental clarity and concentration, and promotesas reducing stress.

Do not compromise the health ‘Women with advancing age. In fact, one can and feel better than ever!

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