Fran Taylor on How To Sell A Car Everyday – Tips To Be Successful Selling Cars

Fran Taylor on How To Sell A Car Everyday – Tips To Be Successful Selling Cars

How To Sell A Car Everyday – Top Tips To Be Successful Selling Cars

In this power packed session we are sitting down with our friend and automotive sales expert Mr. Fran Taylor the founder of Taylor Techniques sales training company.

You might remember Fran from episode 29 where he talked about sales prospecting for car sales professionals and in this session he sits down with us to talk about “How To Sell A Car Per Day.

Here is a quick preview of this session with Fran Taylor:

Steps a car sales professional needs to take to sell a car per day

Fran breaks down the activities and strategies todays car sales professionals need to be taking daily in order to sell a car per day.

Setting your goals

Fran chats about the power of goal setting and how you should be setting yourself goals that money can by.

Investing in yourself

Fran always says invest in yourself and you will make money, invest zero in yourself and receive zero in return. Learn what a car sales professional should be investing in and how to leverage those investments.

That is just a small sample of the valuable information Fran Taylor drops in this session.

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