Going Around Bariloche Argentina


You want to visit Argentina. You plan to travel to Argentina by plane, get the perfect pair of ski and snow boots, pack your best winter or summer clothes. It seems that you have everything covered, however, have you thought about the means of transportation to be used to roam around the area?



Bariloche is still a couple of hours ride from the airport, Buenos Aires, so it is best to know the means of transportation one could use to go there and riding a bus is one of them. There are more that a dozen bus companies that service top tourist destinations in Argentina such as Bariloche. Around eight daily bus trips are serviced daily from Buenos Aires to Bariloche, Argentina. There are also some specialty buses and coaches for long trips that have supercama for chairs that when reclined woud turn into a bed. A bus ride from Buenos Aires to Bariloche would usually cost US$ 60 – US$ 80 depending on the bus company. However, bus trips within the city of Bariloche are very cheap and even less than a dollar.


By Foot

When one is already in the city of Bariloche, Argentina, one can travel by foot. The city is relatively small enough to be travelled and explored by foot. The city center is Centro Civico where needs can be attended to such as restaurants, shopping centers, and even hotels can be found in Bariloche. This is also the best way to enjoy the beautiful sights and sceneries of the city and breathe in the sweet and calm winds from the Andes.


If one doesn’t want to commute while in Bariloche, there are also some car rental companies that one can look for. Some hotels in Bariloche, Argentina also offer car services for their customers. These services can be planned ahead of time and booked online. However, there is additional insurance and permission needed to use the rented car across borders.


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