HALAL KOREAN STREET FOOD tour in SEOUL, South Korea- Myeongdong street food and HALAL KOREAN BBQ

HALAL KOREAN STREET FOOD tour in SEOUL, South Korea- Myeongdong street food and HALAL KOREAN BBQ

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HALAL STREET FOOD in Seoul is becoming increasingly common, especially in the MYEONGDONG area. Myeongdong is a shoppers heaven and being able to snack whilst you shop makes it a perfect place to while away a few hours!

In this video we only visit halal certified vendors and restaurants but note that many vendors we did not feature, may not use pork products nor alcohol in their cooking.

Egg bread
Batter is poured into a small tin and then a egg cracked into the middle before being baked. The bread is more of a cake batter- a little bit sweet, whilst the egg gives the snack a savoury nature.

This Korean pancake/donut is completely addictive! A glutinous rice flour dough is stuffed with a sugar, cinnamon and a few seeds before being shallow fried in a pan of oil. Once golden and crispy it’s ready to eat- oozy, crispy and aromatic, hotteok are the perfect snack!

Fishcakes are a hugely popular snack in Korea and are often served odeng style. Sticks of fishcake wallow in a broth soaking up the hearty soup. Simply pay for the number of sticks you want, grab a cup, fill it up with broth and munch and sip away.

Korean BBQ
Yang Good Korean BBQ is the only restaurant in Korea that serves halal Korean BBQ. Note that alcohol is also served at this restaurant but all meat and ingredients is halal certified. We order some lamb skewers which are accompanied by banchan (side dishes).

Kimchi jiigae
Kimchi stew is a popular dish in Korea. The one at Yang Good BBQ includes kimchi, tuna and other vegetables together with a spicy broth which is a perfect accompaniment to a bowl of hot rice.

Where we ate:
Myeongdong shopping area for street food. All the halal certified stalls are clearly marked.

Yang Good Korean BBQ, 15 Nonhyeon-ro 95-gil, Yeoksam 1(il)-dong, Gangnam-gu, 서울특별시 South Korea. Open 4:00pm to midnight. Closed Sunday.

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