Home Additions?Great Value on a Small Budget

.tags The economy is rough these days, and while some people would like to move, most aren’t in the financial position. The housing market is in the buyer’s favor as well, making selling a risky choice. Home additions may be the next best solution to help upgrade your living arrangements. Whether you need more space, would like to increase the value of your home, or just want to add your own unique touch, additions make a great budget alternative to relocating.

There are many types of home additions possible. Much of what can be done depends on local regulations, building codes, and the current structure of the house. Home additions can vary greatly in scope from widening a kitchen, bathroom, or living area to adding an entire second floor. There are many options, but you will be restricted somewhat by the size of your property and existing architecture.

These often add value to your house especially when performed well. However, some can be pricey and will increase your home’s value by a negligible amount. If you want to eventually make a profit from a sale, you’ll want to ensure that any additions will pay for themselves and be worth the price you pay. Estimators and general contractors can help steer you in the right direction and give you a good grasp on which projects are of the best value for your money.

One of the greatest appeals is the chance to alter your house to fit your exact vision. Maybe you’ve always wanted a big kitchen with an island, or perhaps you’ve dreamed of a large arch entranceway in your living room. Do you want a large, raised spa tub in your master bedroom bath? Home additions can make all of these possible. And because you’ll be working on a smaller scale, it will be easier to contribute specific design ideas than if you were tackling an entire house.

But the main reason you should consider this? More space! Most people find they may outgrow their current house, but that doesn’t mean you have to move. You can add on just to your garage for some instant storage room, or you can increase the number of room and area as your family expands. Having more space means you and your family will be more comfortable.

Although not recommended for beginners and those with no experience, they are sometimes more budget-friendly if you do-it-yourself. It’s helpful if you have some friends or relatives who can give you a hand and keep you on track, but many people find building on their own highly rewarding. However, if you aren’t ready for the amount of work and potential stress factor (as well as possibly making some costly mistakes) you might be better off hiring a professional. They will also be able to arrange and research the proper permits necessary so you won’t have to stress about that highly bureaucratic task.

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