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Home extensions London can be a cost effective way to improve your quality of living. If you have any land around your property then you could significantly boost your living space with home extensions London.

Why Consider Home Extensions London

Many people consider moving home because they want more living space. This may be because their family is growing or they just want to improve their general standards of living. However moving house can be very expensive these days and there are many fees involved. You could save money and still achieve the additional space you want by opting for home extensions London. This can give you a much larger home without all the hassle and expense of moving.

Planning home extensions London

Many people are interested in home extensions but are not sure where to start. This can be a big undertaking both in terms of time and costs. However if you plan your extension properly it could dramatically increase your floor space and add a lot of value to your home.

To help you plan your home extensions London here are just a few tips:

* Standard Plans if you just want a basic home extension then most building contractors will be able to provide you with standard plans as part of their quote. These are suitable for many different types of home and will save the expensive of getting an architect to personally design your extension.
* Planning Permission dont forget to submit your drawings for planning permission well before you want the extension carried out. It can sometimes take a few weeks to get permission and if any of your drawings are queried it could take even longer. You dont want to leave your building contractors hanging around waiting to start the job so get this done as soon as possible.
* Building Contractors building home extensions London is a job for the professionals. You should not consider self-build unless you have a lot of experience in the industry. There will be a number of building regulations to comply with and many different trade skills required (bricklayer, carpenter, plumber etc).
* Quotes get at least three quotes and compare prices and services. This should help you find a contractor that you can afford and will provide the right service for you. Make sure all the elements of the project are listed on the quote. Extras can start adding up and could leave you facing a bill far beyond your original budget.
* Project Management for a larger home extension it can be a good idea to nominate a project manager. This could be yourself or a member of your contracting team. The project manager will oversee the job and make sure it runs smoothly and to budget. This can help to prevent any unnecessary delays.
* Contingency Budget always set aside some additional money for any unexpected expenses. Building projects can be difficult to budget accurately for so there will invariably be some minor costs and fees that you havent originally planned for. You should set aside around 10% of the original quote as a back-up fund.

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