Home Remedies For Bacterial Vaginosis – 3 Simple Remedies to Treat BV


Home remedies for bacterial vaginosis are simple methods to treat Bacterial Vaginosis (BV). It’s using simple ingredients that you can easily find around. BV is a common infection that takes place due to bacterial imbalance in vagina. There are millions of sufferers in the world that considers BV as an embarrassing condition and find it difficult to get the right treatment for them. Here we have featured some useful and effective home remedies to treat BV.

Home remedies for bacterial vaginosis nclude:

1. Acidophilus Capsules or Suppositories
In this method of home remedies for BV, you need to apply acidophilus capsules or suppositories directly into the vagina. You can also try douching with one teaspoon of acidophilus and two cups of water. This method also helps in maintaining the right balance of bacteria in the vagina.

2. Hydrogen Peroxide
The vaginal pH can be rebalanced and good bacterial growth can be restored with this home remedy for BV. Take two cups of water and mix ¼ cup of 3% hydrogen peroxide in it to be used for douching.

3. Tea Tree Oil Suppositories
Take tea tree oil that is safe for internal usage. Dilute tea tree oil very well and insert in directly into the vagina. You can also use tea tree oil suppositories in the same manner as one of the home remedies for BV. There are antifungal properties in tea tree oil that harms the bad bacteria and hence heals BV. However, tea tree is not to be applied directly as it can cause allergy and burn.

Home remedies for bacterial vaginosis are among the best solution to cure BV. While doing the treatment, you still need to look after other hygiene factors as well, to get the best result. Since BV tends to develop in condition of high blood sugar level, then it is necessary to always control your blood sugar at normal level. You need also to keep clean your undergarment all the time, and change it at least twice a day. Avoiding sex is the best thing you can do, but if not possible then it is recommended to just stay to one partner only, and always use condom for protection. Not for long, you can expect to get relief from BV.

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