Home Remedies For Bacterial Vaginosis – 5 Simple Home Remedies to Eliminate BV Forever


The fishy smell that is caused by bacterial vaginosis, a type of infection, is often the cause for embarrassment for women. They are times when they suffer in silence, too embarrassed to discuss this problem with someone. If you are one among them, then there is some fabulous news waiting for you. There are some simple home remedies for bacterial vaginosis, which can help you, get rid of the odor in virtually next to no time. Home remedies for bacterial vaginosis, apart from being cheaper are also a lot safer with absolutely no chance of negative side effects too. The following are the best home remedies for bacterial vaginosis, which will help you get rid of the infection, without using any medication.

1. Garlic is one of the simplest options among home remedies for bacterial vaginosis. Eating a few cloves of raw garlic is known to help in healing the infection.

2. The simplest among all the home remedies for bacteria vaginosis is to wear cotton panties. The ones that are made up of synthetic fiber are known to trap moisture and create an environment that is perfect for the development of odor causing bacteria. You should also avoid wearing tight fitting clothes, till such time you get rid of the infection.

3. Yogurt is known to be a highly effective home remedy for this type of infection. You can make yogurt a part of your daily diet. A tampon inserted in yogurt can also be used for cleaning the infected areas. This is known to give quick and effective results.

4. You should never use a scented soap to clean the affected area. Instead, a mild and unscented soap should be used. The scented ones are known to contain harmful chemicals which could disturb the balance of pH levels in the vaginal area.

5. Fruits and vegetables are among the most widely available and simplest of home remedies for bacterial vaginosis. You should try and include generous servings of fruits and vegetables in your diet. You must also drink plenty of water throughout the day.

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